Poetry about Spiritual Marinating




Preparation for the heart

Prepare my heart for You O Lord
Wash me inn the water of life
With gentleness touch my very flesh
You break no broken or bruised reed
Cleanse me of every stain and sin
Pour oil of gladness from head to
Foot, thumb to toe, ear to forehead.
Season, permeate, all my heart
Flavour with Thyme, salt, herb and spice
To taste balanced and beautiful
None to dominate, all to blend
Marinating, permutation
Infused, soaked, changed, by You.

WM, Feb 2017

Spiritual Marinade – Jenny Chapman

INSTRUCTIONS (Recipe) Proverbs 23:12

Use honest scales
And honest weights Leviticus 19:36

Add a Measure of Faith Romans 12:3

Season with salt Colossians 4:6

Fill with mercy and
good fruit James 3:17

Use finest flour mixed
With olive oil Numbers 7:13

Stir up your gifts 2 Timothy 1:6

Be patient James 1:4

Taste and See that
The Lord is good Psalm 34:8