Spring is on its Way!

I’m not one to write down much mostly because it always reads a lot better in my head, but I was encouraged to see these beautiful snowdrops last week which made me think of new shoots and new beginnings.

No one can deny that the last year has been a hard slog for everyone and harder for some than others but through it all we keep going. There has always been hope that we would soon be able to meet up again as churches or as families and it’s always just been within our grasp only to have it snatched away with another spike in infections. But God’s hope is not like that. We cannot have it ‘snatched’ away because His promise is to always be with us. These snowdrops show that spring is on it’s way and a hope of better things to come. New people in our fellowship which shows that even when things seem impossible God can help us to grow in size but also in our own knowledge and understanding.  The Bible studies have been so encouraging and helpful throughout.