A Procession of Praise: Psalm 120

There are Fifteen Psalms included under the title “A Song of Ascent”.

The word ascent translates Shir Hama’aloth which describes a procession singing and going upwards (as to the hill of God, Zion).  This group of Psalms is usually linked with the Israeli people returning to their land after Seventy Years in slavery in Babylon.  The content can resonate, strike a chord in our hearts, as we press on in our journey to our Home!  Also, we might link it with moving out of “lockdown”.

Psalms 120:1  A song of ascents. I call on the LORD in my distress, and he answers me.

This Psalm begins in distress and ends with a determination to be “for peace”.  The lament between is about the conflict caused by words.  Too much said without thought.  James, in his letter,  warns us that even a Christian believer can say bad things.  Captive Israel had been distressed by racism and false religion – lying lips!  The writer admits his own need to guard his tongue.

A strange place to begin a procession of praise?  Maybe not.  The direction is the main thing – to march towards PEACE.