Romans 14:16 NIV  Therefore do not let what you know is good be spoken of as evil.

We seem to have anticipated most of what the Government has introduced as guidelines.
My concern for us all is that we live faithful lives that can be trusted to do what is good.  That good can be different in different circumstances.  We are doing all we can so that we can continue to meet together and complete plans for outreach this Christmas.
I have been given some notes that another church group has put together.  They may help you be clearer about how you can honour God and each other at this challenging time.  I will also post them on our website.
Plan B – a summary:
  • COVID passes are not required in places of worship 
  • Face coverings are legally required inside places of worship
  • Service leaders etc do not need to wear face coverings 
  • Congregation members can remove face coverings for singing

The new legislation has also now been published implementing these principles. It also makes clear that organised children’s activities in church are exempt the requirement of wearing face coverings. This means that face coverings will not be required for toddlers groups, Sunday school, youth groups or youth bible studies held inside church premises.

However other adult meetings are not exempt. Face coverings will therefore need to be worn for prayer meetings, bible studies and other small groups held inside church premises.

We’d love to see you Sunday if you have no Covid symptoms, but please wear a mask except when we are singing!