Abraham part four – LOT

Among the supporting characters in the life of Abraham we have Lot, his wife and two daughters.

Their story is wrapped up in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Lord Jesus mentions Lot’s wife and the danger of “looking back”.  Being worthy of Jesus, showing how we consider Him worthy, is never going to be demonstrated in someone who is looking over their shoulder in nostalgia for the time when we did not know Him.

I have decided to follow Jesus – No turning back!

However, there is another important story about Lot.

You can read about this in Genesis chapters 13 and 14.

Here are some headings to consider and apply to Christian experience.


    • The Servants of Abraham and Lot quarrel

    • Often the chosen path in times of disagreement

    • Too easy to make a bad decision when disagreeing
    • Lot chose what seemed the most attractive way
    • Abram took the high way! (“my way or the highway!”)

    • Lot and his family and servants and possessions were captured
    • Abram rescued him (and everything else)
    • Lot was given a “second chance”

    • Lot chose to actually live in Sodom!
    • He thought he would be safe there!
    • It was all downhill from there even though he was rescued from the judgement on Sodom and Gomorrah