Forgiveness and Hope: Psalm 130

Psalms 130:1  A song of ascents. Out of the depths I cry to you, LORD

( you will need to read the whole Psalm please)

We need to have in our minds that different family groups of captive Israel are journeying to Jerusalem.  Gradually, groups meet up and the procession becomes bigger.  We have seen that the nation is calling on the LORD as one people – one person.  The previous Psalm involved harsh attitudes.  Now they receive in their hearts the return of such condemnation of others.  They are convicted of their sins.  They share in this regardless of individual levels of guilt.  As one they come to understand the amazing grace of God.  They can hope in His forgiveness and full redemption.  God’s love is unfailing.  He is not limited by our failures.  He can and will REDEEM His people.  They cried from the depths but were raised to the heights.  They were able to see beyond the present to a glorious future.  That is what hope does!