Malawi Update

We have heard from Robert Magazi that the problem of extreme hunger is causing loss of life along with the Covid crisis.  The church is widespread around Lilongwe and Shire Valley and the churches are doing what they can.

Robert writes:

I great you in the name of Jesus Christ. How are you there? Here in Malawi in the church, God is continuing blessing us. The only problem here is that people are dying due to Covid – 19 Pandemic which has also contributed to hunger. People are starving with hunger in our country, Malawi especially in remote areas. People are not working, they don’t have money to support their families.

We started feeding program in our church. We try to contribute some food and distribute them to our members who are starving with hunger. See the attached photos.

Our main target was to distribute maize. However, we don’t have money to buy maize so that we can give them. In Shire Valley, people are being killed by crocodiles due to this hunger problem. Few weeks ago, we lost a couple which was attacked by crocodiles as they went to the river searching for tubers. This couple has left four children who are starving with hunger. Please pray for us and we request for your urgent assistance.

May the Good Lord bless you.