Thorney – Fenlands Family Church

We trust that you stay well during the Covid-19 pandemic.  We are holding meetings on Zoom.  And WhatsApp.  Please check through our web pages for subjects that might interest or help you.

Fenlands Family Church meets on Sundays from 10.30am (on Zoom).

We have included a map on this page to help you find us.

Thorney has a long history.  There are strong links with the Duke of Bedford and there are dwellings that used to be alms houses on the main street.  The Abbey is a lovely example of Norman Architecture.  Christian worship has continued there for over 1000 years.

Our church meets every Sunday at 10.45am in the Duke of Bedford Primary School in Thorney.  We have other meetings mid-week in our homes.

Here are our contact details:

fenfamiconFenlands Family Church

contact: 01733 271377 / 07908 644946 / 07908 643798


Sundays at 10.45am
Tuesday – Home Groups

The Duke of Bedford School